Sarah Anne is an artist residing in Virginia and goes by the name sysparkle across the internet.

A Little About Me

Hi! I'm Sarah (but you may know me as Sysparkle across the internet!) and I'm an artist currently residing in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia. I have a fascination with things that are beautiful, yet somehow off, strange and uncanny.

Most of my work is done in watercolor, but I will use a variety of media and tools to create the end results, anything from inks to gold foil. I enjoy employing stylized illustration techniques, drawing from inspirations such as anime and pop surrealists. 

My love for art making has been with me since I could hold a pencil, but my love for watercolors is much more recent. I have a BFA in Digital Media, meaning I was trained to work digitally - something I still love, but the tactile sensation of pencil to paper is something that I have always been drawn to. Watercolor is a beautiful medium that is transparent and can be applied, layer by layer, to create amazing depth. Watercolor is also a tricky medium, one that needs to be carefully considered and planned out to take advantage of its best aspects.